Kancho with Steve Fenwick

Kancho with Steve Fenwick

Kancho with Kevin Hone (St Neots dojo) and Steve Cook (York dojo)

Shonie Carter with Steve Fenwick


Kancho Soeno attends France gala and blackbelt grading

31 July 2014

On 31 May and 1 June of this year Kancho Soeno was in the south of France to attend a Shidokan Gala and blackbelt grading.

Shidokan GB had one fighter, Stephen Davidson, competing in ShidoBoxing.

This involved 3x3 minute fights in a ring following kickboxing rules with 10 oz gloves.

The fight went the whole way and the decision was made for the French fighter. There were two knockdowns, one from each side, and the decision was fair.

There were some amazing fights, some forgettable, and one truly memorable fight when Ametto from Paris fought an American Shidokan fighter 30 kg heavier than him!

On the Sunday morning Kancho Soeno held a black belt grading.

Despite broken ribs from his fight the previous night, Stephen Davidson distinguished himself in the grading and was awarded Shodan.

Stephen Shipp from London dojo was awarded Nidan, as was also Kevin Hone from St Neots dojo.

Steve Fenwick from York dojo was awarded Yondan.

Some notable visitors with the American team were Shonie Carter from Shidokan Chicago and UFC fame, and Richard Trammel, former US champion, from Shidokan Atlanta.

In total eight members of Shidokan GB attended.