When you line up in Dojo, look to the person on your right. Karate was first practised by the military. “Osu” was originally a greeting of the Navy. They have a different way of giving a salute from the Army and their arm close to the side of the body. “Osu” is an abbreviation of “Ohayo gozaimasu”. As they said “Ohayo gozaimasu” every day, they shortened it to “Osu”.

In Judo they don’t say Osu, and some others sit down (seiza) when they come into dojo and bow very compactly.

In anyways, greetings are very important. With Shihans who are strict about greetings and then learn kata, their dojo prospers and lasts. If you underestimate or don’t take Karate seriously and just pursue strength, you will be trapped.

In martial arts, manner comes first.

So in dojo you greet first and then after a pause to take breaths you sit down (seiza).

Regardless of seniority, you always need to greet properly. Do not do it as you walk, but you should stop and greet. Greetings in martial arts are very strict, and you should never pursue strength only. Manners should come together.

Different styles may bow when they say Osu. Manners are essential and cleaning is also important so you must keep even the toilet clean. You must feel the dirtiness and clean it up. You must believe in god and nature and believe in yourself.

Tsukkomi – This means to move in very deep towards your opponent. This is a Sutemi waza – throw yourself away – so you move in further so that you may lose your balance but deliver a very strong waza which should be your final delivery to finish the match.

Different styles have various deliveries. Nihon Kempo’s Nage Uchi (throw hit) has a shape like a cat’s paw whereas in Shorinji Kempo they normally use Tate Ken (vertical fist). You should use what suits best and for Jodan Tsukkomi, Tate Ken is the most effective one.

Once you become a Shihan, you always teach so learning is important. Shihans of Kyokushin sometimes lost their discipline, so Oyama sensei told them off. Discipline is what you need.


This means to learn about old and know new things. We need to learn about old Kyokushin and know new things while maintaining the learning from Kyokushin. In other words, you must keep old Kata as you learn new kata. Do not just stick to your own martial arts (style). As a shihan you need to know others as well.